On February 22, 2010, the term "Ichigo & Rukia" appeared in the Worldwide trends of Twitter for several hours (almost 9). It means that many Twitter users all over the world have used this precise term during this time.


Far from being a coincidence, this event was caused by the Brazilian Otaku Community who came together to promote this operation called IchiRuki. Ichigo & Rukia fervor quickly affected other fans worldwide. On the one hand, because of the buzz caused by the appearance of a manga-term on worldwide trends (a first), secondly because it's not the name of the manga that appeared (it would have been more logical) but the main couple. This attracted the attention of fans (why Ichigo & Rukia? They are finally together? They died? OMG I'm not up to date!) and non-insiders who have wondered who were these famous Ichigo & Rukia.

Several explanations have been announced: episode 310 which came out at the same time and which was modified by the writers, spoilers for the next chapter of the manga, etc.. But the beginning is, of course, the action of the Brazilian community of fans who waited before disclosing the origin of the operation to raise the pressure within the global community. Even the mangaka behind the work responded, surprised by so many messages.

To know the details of the transaction IchiRuki, read this document.

Congratulations to the Brazilian community behind this wonderful operation (Kurosaki Michele or Mi-Kurosaki on Twitter) that brought together the fans of Bleach worldwide. It was a very pleasant moment of exchange and I am proud to have contribuated..

To read the different reactions on twitter: # / search / Ichigo% 20% 26% 20rukia